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Beat the Favourite – Professional Horse Racing Tips


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the more money you will make when the non-favourite horse wins. This has led to a 42% win rate and a 13% profit margin with the Beat the Favourite system. Additionally, the system focuses on betting each-way to minimize losing runs and improve the strike rate.

The second rule of the system is to focus on overlooked horses at decent odds that have the potential to beat the favourite. By identifying value in non-favourites and finding opportunities to take on the favourite, the system has been able to consistently deliver profits without experiencing long losing runs.

The third and final rule of the Beat the Favourite system is to provide exceptional customer support with a 30-day money-back guarantee and unlimited email assistance. This ensures that customers have the necessary support and guidance to successfully implement the system and maximize their profits from horse racing.

Overall, Beat the Favourite offers a unique and effective approach to horse racing betting, providing customers with the opportunity to make substantial profits by avoiding favourites and focusing on overlooked horses at decent odds. With consistent winning tips delivered via email, the system offers a hassle-free and profitable way to bet on horse racing. If you’re looking to finally beat the bookies and make high profits from your bets, Beat the Favourite may be the solution you’ve been searching for.

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From: Pete ThompsonThere’s nothing worse than losing money to the bookies.Despite your best efforts they always seem to be one step ahead of you.If you’ve been mostly betting on favourites I’m sorry to say this strategy doesn’t work.It doesn’t work because the bookies are setting the odds too low for you to make a decent profit. 

The stronger the favourite is, the more the bookie decreases the odds to ensure they can’t lose and to ensure you make no money.

So if you’ve ever felt confused and angry at losing money despite researching and clearly backing the best horse in the race, let me reassure you…

Without a fair odds price you simply can’t win no matter how good the horse is.

Betting on short priced horses is an extremely difficult way to make big profits as I’m sure you have found out the hard way.

Sure you will get some winners, but I’m more interested in showing you how to make money from your bets.

I don’t care how certain you are on a favourite, how good the stats look. Sometimes things just go wrong.

And at short odds you simply can’t afford many mistakes without losing your hard earned money.

Gambling successfully is not just about „winning“ bets, it’s about beating the odds. 

If the bookmaker odds are less than the actual chance of the bet winning we will always lose over the long term.

So how do we reverse the trend of the bookies making a fortune and beat the odds?

HOW do we finally make a decent regular profit from horse racing??

Firstly here is what I think is holding you back from getting the success you deserve…

What I’m here to do for you today is to show you how to finally make REAL money from horse racing.

My strategy is brand new, unique and working right now.

Like many horse racing fans I was getting fed up with spending hours studying only to end up backing the favourite and not making the profits I wanted.

To improve my profits  I decided as an experiment to create a new horse racing system that avoids favourites entirely.

I wouldn’t be swayed by the horse’s form, by what the trainer had said, by the jockey booking or anything else that usually persuades you that the favourite is your only option to win a race.

I am not going to insult your intelligence and tell you that the favourite isn’t often a very good horse.

It is a statistical fact that favourites won 34% of all races over the last 20 years.

However, this still leaves 66% (the majority) of all races in which the favourite will lose and the Beat the Favourite system can work.

What I am convinced of from my research is that we can make a lot of money by avoiding favourites altogether.

There are countless opportunities in which it is worth taking on the favourite and going with a better odds horse.

With the odds being bigger on non-favourites when we do win we make far more money.

So at this point you have to ask yourself the following question…

Option 1.  Do you want to back favourites and struggle to make a profit?

Option 2.  Do you want to back non-favourites and make huge profits?

If Option 2 interests you please read on as I can help you to finally profit from horse racing.

With my Beat the Favourite system we do not bet on favourites EVER.

A HUGE advantage of not betting on the favourite is we have a bigger margin of error. 

With short priced favourites you need an incredibly high win rate to make any money whatsoever.

It is TOUGH to pick a horse to win a race consistently…

However, it is much easier to profit if your horse doesn’t need to win as often due to a higher odds price.

The Beat the Favourite method mostly uses each-way bets to take on the favourite.

So even if we are wrong and the favourite wins we often still make a profit on the horse placing.

Using each-way bets helps keep losing runs to a minimum and vastly improves our strike rate.

As well as each-way bets the system gives out occasional win bets at shorter odds to take on short priced favourites.

Beat the Favourite is finally here to help YOU and to change the way you bet for the better.

This method is brand new, rock solid and super simple.

It will only take you around 5-10 mins a day to profit.

You will find Beat the Favourite so easy it will feel like you have a cheat code!

Open Email. We will send consistent winning horse racing tips via email.

Place Tips. Tips are given with clear instructions on what to bet, what points to place and what odds are available.

Collect Winnings. Just by following our emails we expect your betting profits to grow and you can either reinvest profits or cash out!

There are only two REAL ways to profit from betting.

You can either do tons of hard work and spend hours and hours analysing data to find the edge you need.Or, you can find a betting expert who will tell you exactly what you need to do to be successful.

If you’re like most of my customers I’ve helped it’s not that you haven’t tried to find a reliable expert, it’s that most tipsters have let you down and have been useless.

Unfortunately for you a lot of people claim to be horse racing experts but are nothing of the sort. 

Even the top betting sites raking in millions have the audacity to give out terrible tips and poor advice for you to waste your hard-earned money on.

Often these tips are from journalists, social media experts or ex-jockeys who don’t have a clue about odds or making a profit from betting.

Sadly most online „tipsters“ do not know what they are doing and think nothing of advising 1000s of people to bet on something they are clueless about.

With Beat the Favourite I want things to change.

It’s time for YOU to win.

This is what Beat the Favourite gives you…

Start with just £10 a point stakes and make £2496 or start with £100 a point stakes and make £24,966

An Incredible 13% profit margin with our razor-sharp Beat the Favourite tips. 

Despite avoiding all favourites we still win 42% of the time. This is a healthy win rate helped by our cautious betting approach.

We specialise in betting on non-favourites. We are able to make huge profits by finding value in overlooked horses.

No long losing runs to date! By focusing on profit and value we ensure you walk away a winner. We are here to make you a profit, not your bookie.

Great customer support with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and unlimited email assistance. 

I’ve been a professional tipster for 5 years and have been betting for 17 years.

My other betting service Each Way Tips is one of the biggest selling horse racing tips services EVER and has received many independent 5 star customer reviews.

I don’t say this to brag, but to reassure you that you are in good hands.

With Beat the Favourite I’ve added a new specialist service that is working brilliantly right now.

It focuses on overlooked horses at decent odds prices that can often take on the favourite and win and give us a healthy profit.

If you want to bet on horse racing and make high profits then this is for YOU.

Beat the Favourite couldn’t be easier to follow.

Let me analyse the races and select the horses that I think will beat the favourite and give you profit.

All you need to do is follow my email tips which will only take you 5 minutes a day.

There isn’t an easier way to bet on horse racing and profit.

Fully tested since November 2021 you can be sure Beat the Favourite is on your side to deliver HUGE profits.

I truly believe that Beat the Favourite will help you finally beat the bookies. The Beat the Favourite system uses these 3 vital rules to ensure success for anyone who follows.

The number one rule of our system is that we avoid the market leader in every race. This horse is usually underpriced in odds as the bookie is well aware of its chances. Our profit rate proves that avoiding the favourite works and we have made £24,966 profit of our bets.

It’s pointless having a high win rate if you aren’t making any money. I carefully look at each race I bet on and work out ways I can beat the favourite. The higher odds price I get on the horse I choose means YOU can make more money.  Our system is so effective we make a HUGE 13% profit margin over the bookies.

It can be tempting to just have a bet just for the sake of it. Or to chase losses. Or to bet on horses you know nothing about. We take a cautious approach with Beat the Favourite and only bet on horses we have fully researched and expect to win or place.

Limited offer! Join today and get a 55% discount

There have been many incredible success stories from my happy members over the years. 

This is what motivates me to give YOU the best possible horse racing tips.

I have received loads of 5-star reviews independently verified. I don’t say this to boast, but to reassure you that you are getting the very best horse racing tips when you join Beat the Favourite

Check out what my past members have said about my betting products below on the independent review site…

With the cost of living crisis in full swing the last thing you want is an expensive tipster subscription.

Sadly, many rogue tipsters are motivated only by money and are out to rip you off.

I want this to be accessible to EVERYONE whatever their level of income.

I’ve put together a very special Discount Deal that gives you a massive 55% off.

This is a one-time deal and it is vital that we don’t have too many members to keep odds prices achievable.

Due to this the offer is STRICTLY LIMITED and ends midnight 30th November.

Simply scroll below to view my low price offer…

You are fully protected by our 100% Refund Guarantee. If you are unhappy for whatever reason with Beat the Favourite Tips in the first 30 days of purchase, just let us know and we’ll send you a full no questions asked refund.

This limited offer ends at Midnight on the 30th November.

Fully tested since November 2021 we deliver you up to £4580 a Month with an ROI of 13% and Win Rate of 42%. Get ready to back Beat the Favourite Winners! 

Simply select an option below to start profiting today…

Monthly Access to Beat the Favourite Tips

Rebills Monthly. You May Cancel Anytime. 

Best Value – Save 55% – Ends 30th November

Yearly Access to Beat the Favourite Tips

£179.40 £79 for 1 Year

One-Off Payment. No Rebills

Thank You for Reading and Can’t Wait to Help You Beat the Bookies!

P.S. In case you’ve skipped to the end and haven’t got the time to read all the above here’s the deal:

I will provide you with easy to follow profitable racing tips via email which have made a HUGE £24,966 to date.

I don’t back short priced favourites and instead give you tips that make real profits.

These tips have a superb 13% return on investment, a reliable 42% win rate, no long losing runs to date and beat most rival racing tipsters.

Simply select your preferred option above to get started.

If for any reason you don’t love Beat the Favourite, just contact Clickbank or me personally within the first 30 days to get a full refund.

Tips are sent Tuesday – Saturday around 10:30AM-11:30AM every day we have tips. 

We use a 100 point betting bank and bets are always 1 point win or 1 point each way (total 2 points). A point can be any amount you wish, but I suggest starting off at small stakes and reinvesting profits. 

We give a 30 day money back guarantee to ensure if you are not satisfied you can have a full refund. We also suggest betting at small stakes at first and reinvesting profits so you are betting with the bookies cash. Betting isn’t risk-free so we advise to only bet what you can realistically afford to lose.

I have tested and researched this service for months. I also have a good reputation and have received 100s of 5 star customer reviews for my previous racing tips products.

I believe I have valuable knowledge that is worth something to likeminded betting enthusiasts. I also really enjoy helping members to make a profit from horse racing.

As a subscriber you are a valued customer and we take our commitment to providing you with winners and profits very seriously. You could follow free tipsters, but they are unlikely to be bothered whether you win or lose following their predictions. 

Yes, as I am a morning tipster you should find you can match the odds easily and will make similar profits. 

You will receive mostly each way tips, but some win bets. No tip will be on a favourite (shortest odds horse)

Generally they are not as I check them just before the email gets out. We also tip mid morning when odds are more stable than the evening before.

Beat the Favourite is  an easy to follow horse racing tips service and anyone whatever their background or experience can potentially profit with these tips. We have tested this service for months and have seen great results.

You can use just 1 if you like. We will recommend the best odds bookies and would advise to use a Best Odds Guaranteed bookmaker, but use any you like including Betfair and you can still make a decent profit. 

Absolutely. Simply email us at if you wish to cancel your subscription. 

For this to work you need access to UK horse racing betting. So if you can bet on that you can use this tips service. 

Of course! Horse racing can be daunting for many especially if they are new or have lost money in the past. I have made this service super simple to follow. You simply need to back the email tips to win, it is that simple. 

Simply email us at and we will make sure you get access to your tips. We answer all emails Mon-Fri 9-5pm. 

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